Celebrating Wonder Women in Tech

women in tech for womens history month

Over 200 years ago, women sparked a movement towards international change that has resulted in safer labor laws and voting rights. That fateful movement created a generational impact that still benefits women and instills a sense of pride in what women can achieve when we all work together. 

As we reflect on Women’s History Month and the hurdles women have faced and overcome since their first march in 1908, the University of Miami acknowledges the influential women in tech who are using their voice to affect change in this male-dominated field. 

How We Celebrate Women in Tech

Our first-ever Women in Tech Panel features panelists from Instacart, InspiHER Tech, and Tissue Tech, Inc. Lisa Franklin, VP of Global Brand Marketing & Communicationns at ThriveDX, will moderate.

Attendees will hear from the panelists as they share their experiences and provide exceptional career advice for anyone who is interested in pursuing a career in tech. 

“If I could tell my younger self one thing before pursuing a tech career is the variety,” said panelist, Darrah Joy Clay. “I’ve always been in technology sales but I wish I invested more time in exploring all the professional facets and roles that exist in tech. There are so many roles to pivot to and learn.”

Darrah Joy Clay’s range of experience in the tech industry and her combined expertise with fellow panelists Jamie Co and Laurie Swanson results in a unique collection of experiences, which attendees can hear about as they share their journey to success during our virtual event. 

Why Diversity in Tech Matters

diversity in tech

The days of the suffrage movement feel far behind us but there is still work to be done to increase diversity in tech. According to ncwit.org and anitab.org, Black, Latinx, and Native American women hold less than 5% of technology positions combined. In leadership roles, those numbers are even lower. 

Diversity is a breeding ground for innovation, allowing men and women of all backgrounds to use their experiences and perspectives to drive innovation, solve complex issues, and remain competitive in today’s fast-paced world. 

Jamie Co, Digital Marketing Director at Tissue Tech, Inc. said it best. “It’s important to have women in tech because women are major users of tech products. We would be doing our companies and industries a disservice if we don’t step up and let our voices be heard.”

representation of hispanic and black women in tech

Save Your Spot

Register for our Women in Tech Panel for exclusive insights and a Q+A with the panelists. You won’t want to miss out! This is a pre-recorded event.

women in tech for womens history month
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