Graduate Spotlight: Daniel Greenberg

For as long as he can remember, there’s been a computer in Daniel Greenberg’s house and he’s always been drawn to that technology. When he was in high school, Daniel learned five programming languages in just three years. He gained additional exposure to programs and software through AutoCAD, furthering his passion.

In addition to his programming skills, in high-school Daniel had the honor of being a part of an elite robotics team tasked with building an electric car to compete in the inaugural Formula 1 Festival in Miami. As part of the festival, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) schools from across Florida traveled to Biscayne Boulevard to race their high-tech electric cars.

Daniel was chosen to drive one of those cars during this epic race. He was in third place closing in fast on the second-place driver when another driver smashed into him, damaging his wheel. The collision caused some damage and dropped Daniel into seventh place. Though his hubcap was flapping, causing drag and slowing Daniel down, he persevered.

One by one, he passed the trailing cars. He climbed from seventh place to fourth and finished the race landing a spot on the podium – in third place.

Fast-Paced Cars and Fast-Paced Careers

Daniel’s passion for fast cars continued on into his college years. While pursuing his degree and certificate program, he worked in several roles in a luxury sports car dealership. After attending classes at a university in Jacksonville, Florida, Daniel enrolled in the University of Miami’s cybersecurity Certificate Program to continue his education.

Daniel fondly remembers the time he discovered the program. He was between sets at the gym, scrolling through his phone when he saw an advertisement for the University of Miami Cybersecurity Professional Bootcamp. He was instantly drawn to the UM name and intrigued by a program powered by the Israeli company, ThriveDX. Daniel was impressed with the curriculum focused on hands-on learning and taught by industry leaders.

Finish Line

Daniel is open to different careers and opportunities in the cybersecurity industry. Ideally, he would like to combine his passion for automobiles and technology, ensuring that smart cars and vehicles with computerized displays remain safe and secure for drivers and their families. He is also considering the possibility of working for various government agencies.

Daniel’s cybersecurity career has striking parallels with his Formula F1 race. Whether it’s his education, weightlifting, or racing he is determined and maintains an unwavering eye on the finish line.

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