Why Do I Need a Cisco Certification?

Whether you’re looking to change careers, make your resume stand out from the crowd, or keep learning about IT, Cisco certification training can help you achieve your goals. 

But what is Cisco certification, and why would you need it? There are endless reasons to consider pursuing a Cisco certification, from the potential to earn more money to gaining the flexibility to work around the world.

Here’s a guide to help you understand Cisco certification training and why it’s a vital certification to hold for a successful career in a career in IT.

Understanding Cisco Certification

Cisco Systems offers a variety of certifications for those working in the information technology field. To earn a certificate, you’ll need to complete the Cisco certification training and pass a practical exam. Cisco offers the following programs for those in every stage of their career:

  • Entry: CCENT
  • Associate: CCNA/CCDA
  • Professional: CCNP/CCDP
  • Expert: CCIE/CCDE
  • Architect: CCAR

If you’re just starting out, consider CCENT training. It funnels directly into Associate-level training, which means you can continue your education and career advancement. CCENT training teaches participants basic networking and routing skills and qualifies them to install, maintain, manage, and troubleshoot networks, among other valuable skills. CCENT also shows potential employers that you understand network security, which is a huge asset to those seeking a career in cybersecurity. 

Once you’ve gained CCENT certification, you can move on to more advanced programs, including CCNA training, which focuses on routing and switching, the cloud, security operations, design, service providers, wireless technology, data center technology, and more.

If you want to work within any of these fields, you’ll soon find how valuable it will be to show employers you’re fully certified.

Strengthen Your Resume

The IT, cybersecurity, and data management fields show no sign of slowing down. Companies, governments, and nonprofits alike all need trained professionals to work within the complex world of technology, advance an organization’s goals, and protect them from harm.

Whether you’re just starting in IT or further along in your career, you’ll strengthen your resume by becoming Cisco certified. There are many jobs available in the IT field, but what if you want to work with your dream organization? You’ll need to prove that you’re competent, qualified, and ready to protect their data or manage networking systems.

When organizations decide to hire you, they’ll be confident that you’ll show up on your first day ready to work and ready to succeed.

IT Cisco Certification

Work Around the World

A career in IT can take you around the world – technology, routing, switching, cybersecurity, data management, and engineering are global issues. That means that if you might be interested in a career that allows you to travel and live or work abroad, you have more opportunities to do so in the IT field than those in other fields.

With a Cisco certification in hand, you’ll already be able to prove to international organizations that you’re qualified to work with their systems, because Cisco certifications are accepted around the world.

When an opportunity arises to take a job in another country, you’ll be well prepared to jump in with knowledge and expertise that’s recognized around the world.

Change Careers

If you’re changing careers and jumping into IT, you’ll need Cisco training to succeed. Think of this as a significant benefit, as there’s no barrier to entry with Cisco training. Anyone can pursue this training, which means you can finally make that career change you’ve always wanted.

Once you do, you’ll find yourself open to a world of opportunities, including exciting work in an evolving field, the chance to use your mind in new ways, earn a high salary, and stay competitive in a rapidly changing global marketplace.

Learn Important Skills

There’s no reason to feel stuck in a career when you work in IT. There are countless opportunities for professional growth and learning, and one of the ways to continue learning skills is to continue to undertake Cisco certification training courses.

Whether you want to learn more about networking and routing or shift into design work, Cisco training certifications are a fast, vital way to learn new skills and continue to find job satisfaction in the IT field.

Succeed in a Competitive Field

There’s great potential for excellent job prospects, satisfying work, and high pay in IT. However, you won’t be alone when you spot a great job description, send out your resume, and hit “apply.” You may be one of the dozens of exceptional candidates applying, but a Cisco certification will help you stand out and gain a competitive edge over other candidates. 

The great thing about a Cisco certification is that you can continue to greater heights at your own pace once you begin. If you’re looking to advance your career, make a change within the IT field, earn more money, or stay ahead of the curve, consider Cisco certification an essential tool to help you achieve your career goals, more quickly than you may think. 

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