Advance Your Career by Learning UI/UX Design


What You Need to Know to Be a UI/UX Design Professional

The key to staying relevant, successful, and prosperous in the digital industry is continually evolving and learning new skills. With digital technology and communication at the forefront of most industries these days, many people without digital skills find themselves in positions where they cannot grow or advance in their careers. Others realize that certain skills, like UI, UX, and visual design, are becoming increasingly necessary as companies focus on accessible, inclusive, and ethical design for their digital spaces and applications. 

Learning new skills can help you stay ahead of the game and continue to advance in your career. Whether you are already in a digital industry, such as graphic design or digital marketing, or simply want to develop the skills to apply them to your current position or start-up, investing in the training can help set you up for long-term success.

Learning UI (user interface) and UX (user experience) design can help you get a deeper understanding of how people interact with a website, app, chatbox, software, and more. When you consider how important these tools are for most businesses in this day and age, it makes sense why experts consider UX design one of the top 5 in-demand skills.

What You Need to Know to Be a UI/UX Design Professional

Even if you have no experience with digital design or UI/UX, you can still become a professional in the field. Contrary to what you may think, you don’t need years of experience or schooling or even have artistic inclinations to be successful at UI or UX. Many design professionals don’t know how to draw but can still excel at developing beautiful aesthetics and visual design.

To become a UI/UX design professional, you will need to develop your skill set and become familiar with industry-standard tools and design techniques. You may also realize that you already have some essential transferable skills which will help you succeed in UI/UX. 

Soft skills, which can be attributes or traits, are often transferable across different industries, and things like curiosity, communication, empathy, and adaptability are all integral to UI/UX. If you are already confident in your ability to demonstrate these skills, the next step is looking into upskilling to develop the hard skills needed to grow in the UI/UX field.

Upskilling Through Your Company

Growth is not only important at a personal level, but for companies as a whole to ensure they remain successful and relevant against competitors in their field. With the digital skills gap growing and companies needing skilled employees to help them succeed, many hiring managers are weighing whether hiring new talent is a better investment than upskilling their current workforce. If you are an employee with a company, or a business owner seeking solutions, upskilling can help ensure you can evolve in today’s digital world. There are many ways a company can offer employee training, including certification training and online courses.

The Self-Taught Route

You can also seek out many of these resources on your own if your current company is not willing to provide upskilling resources or you are hoping to change positions with another organization. You can seek out online training or courses that will provide you with a UI/UX certification, some of which may be free. These are a great option for self-starters and those seeking a more cost-effective approach to upskilling. The downside, however, is that you rarely get access to live direction, tips from industry experts, advice from others in your position, or career placement assistance. When you go the self-taught route, you will have to actively look for a community, mentor, or UI/UX design professionals to get in touch with real industry experts.

Third-Party Training

If you learn more effectively in a traditional setting, seeking an institution or UI/UX course may be a better option. While you may be faced with a larger financial commitment, a third-party training program or bootcamp can teach you in-demand industry skills and provide you with real-world knowledge. These can provide a setting where you can ask questions, interact with others, and work on projects to gain firsthand experience. Some universities offer degrees in visual design or similar, but many UI/UX professionals find that a four-year degree is not necessary to break into the field. Instead, an accelerated career-prep program like the University of Miami UI/UX Design Professional Bootcamp can help you gain the skills and move into the industry or advance in the field in as little as one year. Our program accommodates working professionals with our evening and weekend classes.

Is a UI/UX Bootcamp Worth It?

The best route for you to become a more qualified and experienced UI/UX design professional will ultimately depend on you. Many find that a bootcamp program can combine all of the training, experience, and knowledge they need to enter the field in an easy-to-understand format. At the University of Miami, we pair learners with active industry professionals as instructors who will guide them through a curriculum that emphasizes project-based learning and real-world training. If you are looking to gain the skills you need to transition into a more competitive or lucrative position, a UI/UX bootcamp is an excellent way to achieve that goal. 

A great way to decide if this route is right for you is by scheduling a consultation to discuss the bootcamp program and the benefits it offers. Admissions advisors at the University of Miami are readily available to discuss the program and help you sign up for the Introductory Course to get started. Call us today at 305-425-1151 to learn more!


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