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In 2020, the world saw an unexpected shift in unemployment due to the crisis surrounding the pandemic. People in various industries lost their jobs while in-person travel, commerce, and communication significantly reduced or halted altogether. Those employed by airlines, restaurants, local commerce shops, and more faced many concerns surrounding financial and job security. Since then, there has been an increase in displaced workers looking to re-enter the workforce in industries that offer more reliable and long-term positions. 

Some industries were less affected by the shift from in-person interactions. Companies that transitioned to remote work and were able to maintain their employees were more likely to grow and accommodate the increasing demand for online tools. Essentially, those that were already online needed to upgrade their websites and applications to provide more flexibility and assistance to their customer base. Business owners who had no online presence were forced to seek new business models and launch online spaces to host their needs. 
Experts in tech and digital industries, particularly in UI/UX design or digital marketing, were among those that saw less disruption in their fields. Unfortunately, this impacted the already growing skills gap in these industries, and the demand for workers is only increasing. According to experts, tens of millions of professionals in developed economies worldwide will have to learn new skills to secure careers in a post-COVID economy.

Achieve Job Security as a UI/UX Professional

If you were affected by COVID-19 and lost your job or if you’re worried about tech innovation displacing you from your current industry, it may be time to look into a new career. For many displaced workers, finding a new position that offers job security and financial stability is the most important. To do so, you’ll need a transferable, multi-disciplinary skill set. Unfortunately, most displaced workers don’t have the necessary skill and will need to explore retraining options to help them prepare for a career in a new industry. While this can feel like a daunting task, it’s certainly not impossible. 

Thankfully, there are many options available to help you break into an industry that needs workers, such as UI/UX design. When looking into how to get into UI/UX design, you’ll discover that you need different soft and hard skills to become successful in the industry. Soft skills are non-technical skills, such as creative inclination, communication skills, and critical thinking. Hard skills are specific to certain things, such as prototyping, wireframing, and content strategy. You’ll need talents like these to become a qualified UI/UX design professional, and you can seek out various UI/UX designer training courses or a bootcamp to start learning and get your foot in the door.

To give you a boost, you may consider UI/UX training and job placement or a program that offers career assistance. While the University of Miami UI/UX Design Professional program cannot guarantee you a position in the industry, our program offers in-depth career services, including resume building, interview prep, and networking opportunities, all included in the cost of the bootcamp.

How to Become a UI/UX Designer

To be considered for an entry- or mid-level position in the UI/UX design industry, you’ll need to display literacy in many of the in-demand tools and technology used by today’s pros. Theoretical knowledge is one way to learn more about tools such as Adobe Creative Suite, Miro, Figma, HTML and CSS, and more. However, when combined with practical and technical training, you’ll have the ability to demonstrate your skills instead of just displaying an understanding of the tools.

There are many ways to get the training you need to become a UI/UX designer. University courses, online training programs, free resources, and even mentorship programs are all options for displaced workers seeking assistance entering an unfamiliar workforce. The best choice for you will depend on factors such as cost, timing, course offerings, job placement, and career prep assistance. You can weigh your options and determine your needs before making a decision. However, for those looking to use their time as wisely as possible and enter the workforce with experiential knowledge, a bootcamp that provides you with credentials and projects that prove your knowledge of  UI/UX may be the best option. 

A UI/UX certificate from a reputable source, such as the University of Miami, can also help set you apart from other candidates looking to enter the field. Our curriculum is designed to help teach you UI/UX skills and techniques while guiding you towards finding a lucrative job. Our accelerated program is 400-hours, completed throughout 10 to 12 months, through our live online classroom sessions. Learners will first go through an Introductory Course to ensure the field is right for them before making any significant financial or schedule commitments. Throughout the bootcamp, you’ll work on projects, collaborate with other designers, and build a portfolio so you will be job-ready in as little as one year. 

The University of Miami can help you reenter the workforce with confidence and proficiency. To learn more about our UI/UX Design Professional or other digital skills bootcamps, please call us at 305-425-1151.


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